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Department of Psychology  Clinical Psychology with Focus on Psychotherapy Research


Due to high demand, please contact us in advance for an appointment by email or by calling 044 635 77 77


The WALK-IN at the Psychotherapy Outpatient Center is a new service for individuals who are suffering from psychological distress or another mental health condition and who are seeking information, guidance, or decision-making support regarding the following questions:  

  • How can my condition, symptoms and complaints be classified?
  • Am I suffering from a mental disorder?  
  • Should I start treatment?  

The WALK-IN service includes

  • Initial assessment and diagnostic clarification:
    We will offer to you a first diagnostic consultation in order to clarify your current situation and to give you an idea about “what’s wrong with you“. This is meant to increase your understanding of your current complaints or symptoms and will help you to assess the probability that your complaints might be due to a mental disorder.
  • Treatment advice and decision-aid:
    We provide guidance and support about whether or not you should seek professional help and take up treatment in order to cope with your current condition. We will inform you about the various treatment options and services at hand, and we will help to find out what fits best in your current situation. 

WALK-IN procedures and conditions

You are welcome to come to the WALK-IN during the weekly consultation hour: Tuesdays, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Psychotherapy Outpatient Center, Attenhoferstrasse 9, 8032 Zürich.

After registration, you will be offered a brief counseling session (approx. 30 to 40 minutes duration) at a rate of 80.- CHF per session.

Please note: In case of emergency or if you are in an acute crisis, the WALK-IN is not the right service for you. For acute crisis intervention please contact the City of Zurich’s psychiatric emergency services (+41 44 421 21 21).


At the Psychotherapy Outpatient Center (Director Prof. Dr. Birgit Watzke) we are a team of clinicians with psychological (psychological psychotherapists) and medical (psychiatrists) backgrounds. Your WALK-IN session will be conducted by an experienced and licensed psychotherapist (FSP approved).