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Department of Psychology  Clinical Psychology with Focus on Psychotherapy Research

DYNAMO – Dynamic assessment of preventive measures following inpatient treatment

Project management: Dipl.-Psych. Savion Hesse, Dr. Markus Wolf, Prof. Dr. Birgit Watzke
Aims of the DYNAMO-Project
The symptoms of a psychological disorder can reappear also after a successful treatment. For a long-term maintenance of good health it is thus important to keep up helpful and preventive strategies also after an inpatient treatment. We are interested in what you take out of your treatment and how you begin the phase after your time in a clinic. Which preventive strategies and behaviors that are helpful to you did you learn in your current treatment? Which of these strategies do you want to further practice at home? How do you transfer what you learned in therapy to your daily life?
Furthermore, we are also interested in which treatment options you use after having been treated in a clinic.
The aim of our study is to, with your help, better understand the processes that contribute to a stable mental health. These findings contribute to a long-term improvement of the health care system of people with psychological disorders.

At the end of your inpatient treatment, as well as four months late we ask you to fill out the following survey. The survey involves questions to your treatment, your current state, and your personal helpful as well as preventive strategies and the implementation of them. If you want you can also participate in an integrated survey via Smartphone, in which we ask about the implementation of preventive strategies in daily life at two randomly chosen periods, every day for ten days.
DYNAMO is suitable for people as of the age of 18 years, that just finished an inpatient, cognitive-behavioral treatment.

General Information
The study was initiated by the University of Zurich. The participation in the study is for free. For filling out both surveys you will receive 30 CHF. Participants of the integrated Smartphone-survey will each receive 100 CHF. The responsible ethics committee of the University of Zurich has examined and approved this study.        
The pamphlet of the project you can find here (PDF, 1 MB).