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Health Network Depression

Health Network Depression

Project coordination: Prof. Dr. Birgit Watzke in cooperation with UKE Hamburg

Title and abstract:

Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Stepped Care for Patients with Depression: Cluster-randomized Study in Routine Care (“Health Network Depression”; in cooperation with UKE Hamburg)

This study is part of the „psychenet“ initiative (Health Metropolis Hamburg) and evaluates the implementation of a stepped care model (SCM) as a guideline-based integrated care using low-threshold interventions (bibliotherapy, internet-based interventions, telephone-based interventions). In particular, the study aims to investigate whether the intervention can optimize pathways of care, and makes care more effective and efficient. To this end, we are conducting a randomized controlled trial comparing SCM patients with treatment as usual in a consecutive sample (N=860) of depressed patients which are recruited from primary care practices and other collaborating institutions. Treatment outcome is assessed prospectively across multiple time points within a 1-year follow-up. More detailed information can be found at