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Department of Psychology Cognitive Psychology

Dr. Alessandra da S. Souza de Carvalho

Alessandra da Silva Souza de Carvalho, Dr.

  • Scientific Associate SNF
Binzmühlestrasse 14, Box 22 | CH-8050 Zürich

Research Interests

  • Working memory and working memory capacity
  • Declarative and procedural working memory
  • Attention to working memory contents (i.e., "retro-cue benefit")
  • Rehearsal and refreshing
  • Multi-tasking (e.g., task-switching)
  • Executive functions

More Information

My research focuses on understanding the factors limiting our ability to process the information relevant to perform a given task. The cognitive system underpinning this ability is known as working memory.

In my research, I use behavioral tasks and computational modeling to examine:

  1. How we create, maintain, and manipulate representations in working memory
  2. Why we forget information and whether we can take active measures to prevent the loss of information (e.g., by rehearsing it)
  3. How attention can be used to prioritize the selection and use of information
  4. The impact of lifelong experiences (such as bilingualism) and of healthy aging to the plasticity and functioning of the cognitive system

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