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New publication: "A song of sorrow (and of hope) about the state of personnel and human resource management science"

New chapter published in Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management.

Abstract: The overall goal of science is to build a valid and reliable body of knowledge about the functioning of the world and how applying that knowledge can change it. As personnel and human resources management researchers, we aim to contribute to the respective bodies of knowledge to provide both employers and employees with a workable foundation to help with those problems they are confronted with. However, what research on research has consistently demonstrated is that the scientific endeavor possesses existential issues including a substantial lack of (a) solid theory, (b) replicability, (c) reproducibility, (d) proper and generalizable samples, (e) sufficient quality control (i.e., peer review), (f) robust and trustworthy statistical results, (g) availability of research, and (h) sufficient practical implications. In this chapter, we first sing a song of sorrow regarding the current state of the social sciences in general and personnel and human resources management specifically. Then, we investigate potential grievances that might have led to it (i.e., questionable research practices, misplaced incentives), only to end with a verse of hope by outlining an avenue for betterment (i.e., open science and policy changes at multiple levels).

Reference: Götz, Martin; O'Boyle, Ernest H. (2023). Cobblers, let's stick to our lasts! A song of sorrow (and of hope) about the state of personnel and human resource management science. In: Buckley, M Ronald; Wheeler, Anthony R; Baur, John E; Halbesleben, Jonathon R B. Research in personnel and human resources management. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Limited, 7-92.

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