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New publication: "Increasing the practical relevance of management research"

New paper published in Business Horizons.

Abstract: As applied fields, management, industrial-organizational psychology, and related disciplines seek to make their knowledge relevant to business practitioners. But the current dissemination model is inefficient, leading some to conclude that the gap between academics and practitioners poses one of the most pressing problems in management today. Using insights derived from the life and work of Timothy Baldwin, we offer four takeaways designed to foster collaboration between theoreticians and practitioners: (1) shrink the mission, (2) do not internalize the enemy, (3) find your champions, and (4) use the science of persuasion. These strategies are crucial to closing the gap and thus uniting the efforts of researchers and practitioners so as to ensure the practical relevance of research and to strengthen the organizational value proposition.

Reference: O’Boyle, E. H., Götz, M., & Zivic, D. C. (2024). Increasing the practical relevance of management research: In honor of Timothy T. Baldwin. Business Horizons, 67(2), 161–171.

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