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Department of Psychology Social and Economic Psychology

Katharina Reher

Katharina Reher, MSc

  • PhD Candidate
Room number
BIN 3 C.07

Current Research Interests

  • Human cooperation and how social norms develop and influence decision making in groups
  • (Voluntary) ignorance: People sometimes voluntarily avoid information to behave more selfishly. Yet, a lot of variability in people's behavior is observed in this regard when they decide for themselves. However, people do often make decisions in a social context, where they can observe how others choose and behave. We try to find out how such social feedback can result in the emergence of shared (but implicit) social norms on information avoidance or, instead, information seeking. 
  • Machine learning / data simulation

Career Path

Since 2022 Doctoral candidate at the Chair of Social and Economic Psychology
University of Zurich
2014-2022 Study of applied economics with a focus on behavioral economics / experimental economics and data analysis (Bachelor & Master)
Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck, Austria
2013-2023 Study of Psychology (Bachelor & Master)
Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck, Austria